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We make this Cookie Policy available to users on the website by applying the personal data protection provisions of the Supervisory Authority of 8 May 2014 “Identification of simplified procedures for information and obtaining consent for the use of cookies” and by fulfilling Article 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 on protection of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation).
The policy has been drawn up and updated by RK Growers S.r.l., the website administrator and data controller related thereto, with registered office at Corso Italia 56, 12037 Saluzzo (CN), as well as by external processors.

You may send your queries about the use of the cookies on this website to

You can use the same address to exercise the rights granted to you by the Regulation as the data subject at any time (Article 15 of the Regulation: for example, access to, rectification, erasure, updating, inclusion of data, etc.), and to request an updated list of the Data Protection Officers appointed.

Your personal data will be processed, in all cases, by the specific processors of the data controller and will not be subject to disclosure or dissemination.


Cookies are short text chains that a website can send to your device while you are browsing (whether such device is a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. They are usually directly stored in the browser you are using). The same website that sends them can subsequently read and record the cookies stored in the device in order to obtain different kinds of information. Which ones? There is a clearly defined function for each kind of cookie.


There are two basic macro-categories, which have different features: technical cookies and profiling cookies. Technical cookies are normally required for the correct functioning of the website and to enable it to be browsed; without them you may not be able to see the pages correctly or use certain services. For example, a technical cookie is required to keep the user’s session active during the whole visit to a website or to record the language, viewing configuration, etc.

Technical cookies can, in turn, be divided as follows:

Browsing cookies: These ensure normal browsing and use of the website (for example, they enable a purchase to be made or a session to be launched in restricted areas); 

Analytical cookies: These are similar to technical cookies but the site administrator directly uses them to collect information, in an aggregated manner, about the number of users that visit the site and how they do so.

Functionality cookies: These enable the user to browse the site according to a series of selected criteria (for example, language, products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service rendered to the user.

Profiling cookies: These are more sophisticated cookies and their function is to create a user profile and to send advertising messages based on the preferences expressed by the user while browsing.


We use technical cookies to ensure the correct functioning of our website, such as Google Analytics.
Google Analytics is a web analysis service rendered by Google by installing special cookies in your device that are used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information about the use of the website.

These cookies can be sent by the tool provider but are only used for purposes related to the website.

Google Analytics Cookies

Google Cookies

If you prefer that Google Analytics does not use the data collected in any way, you can change the configuration of each browser in a different way. These adjustments are shown in the help menu of your browser where it is explained how to change your preferences for cookies.

Internet Explorer™:
Opera™: etc.

The cookies of Google Analytics can also be refused by using the procedure specified by Google (
If you do not refuse Google cookies that means you consent to your data being processed by Google in the way and for the purposes explained above. You can visit the relevant website to see the Privacy Policy for the Google Analytics service.

Our website will continue being fully accessible even if you decide to deactivate the monitoring function. The browser must accept the permanent cookies in order to permanently deactivate them. If your browser does not accept them, it will be technically impossible to record deactivation. Please use the functionality of your browser to deactivate the monitoring (see

In order to delete the cookies from the Internet browser of your smartphone/tablet, you must consult the user manual of your device.

Google Maps Widget

The website includes the Google Maps widget with the activity map and cookies must be installed by Google for this service. The website where the widget is inserted does not share information. For further information, including how to deactivate these cookies, please click on the following link: