RK Growers

RK Growers gathers important Italian and Foreign growers. Research, selects and grows new fruit varieties such as the extraordinary “Ambrosia” apple and the new group of “Samboa” varieties.

RKG supplies with its products the most qualified markets and supermarket chains in Italy, Europe and on all continents.

RK Growers, through its subsidiary AVI, has exclusive rights for the whole Europe of the seedless ARRA™ grapes.

RK Growers is licensee of the new varieties of SEKOYA™ blueberries.

Our story

RKG moves fruits and vegetables all over the world while keeping its feet on the ground. Our offices are located in Saluzzo (Piedmont), Genoa, Moscow and Hong Kong.

In 2018 RKG have constituted, with foreign producers and Ortofruit Italia, from Piedmont, a new society named Berryway: growers of berries and strawberries all year round.

In 2019 RK Growers and Poulter Group signed an exclusivity agreement that makes RK Growers Exclusive representative of Poulter Group on the territory of the Russian Federation. Poulter Group is one of the biggest wine producers in New Zealand and longtime partner of RK Growers. In 2020 the wine of Poulter Group was already present on the shelves of wine supermarkets and wine retail chains in Russia.