Fruit salad


Fruit salad


  1. 1 quarter of a papaya.
  2. 1 quarter of a melon.
  3. 1 peach in syrup.
  4. 5 or 6 strawberries.
  5. 6 crab sticks.
  6. Apple vinegar.
  7. Olive oil.
  8. Salt.


  1. Take a piece of papaya and make little balls with the flesh, do the same with the melon and put them on the plate where they are going to be served.
  2. Now put on the peach that has been cut into long pieces just as if they were orange slices.
  3. Keep putting the fruit on and then cut up the strawberries into small pieces.
  4. Finally put on the crab sticks that have been cut into pieces and season with a sprinkle of salt, olive oil and apple vinegar and serve cold.